life after running

I am learning to live like a normal person again, not a person training for a marathon.I went to yoga class a few weeks ago, on a day that I had completed a long run. One of my classmates was impressed at my long distance feat."Runners are usually in the worst shape," my yoga instructor... Continue Reading →


In the months that I've been making an effort to not be grossly unhealthy, I've noticed that a lot of times when I reach for something unhealthy, it's not really because I'm craving it, but because I'm used to it. It's a habit. We have coupled unhealthy choices with another one - handcuffing one to... Continue Reading →

Before and after

I was feeling like pretty hot stuff on Saturday because I ran to the lake and halfway around it, completing seven miles in under an hour. I told Steve afterward, "I would laugh if anyone tried to pass me." Because even though I'm not a true athlete like those marathoners are, I am still prideful... Continue Reading →

50 pounds in 5 months

Five months ago, I gave birth to Holden. That day, I weighed 203 lbs. I hear people say that losing baby weight is easy afterwards and the weight just flies off of you. Well that may be the case for some people. But I had already given birth to two children and each time retained... Continue Reading →

baby weight

I haven't been average weight for my height (or what I call thin) since before Brandon. I used to exercise a lot and the first year Steve and I were married, I actually looked pretty damn good (which for me is in the 140s). Since then, I have still exercised pretty regularly - always keeping... Continue Reading →

Beached whale

Six weeks of pregnancy left. That feels like a lifetime from now. I'm not necessarily dying to go through the pain of childbirth, but being not pregnant sounds excellent right now. I am nearing the 200 lbs mark. I never knew how uncomfortable being large was. And now, I know painfully well. It is terrible.... Continue Reading →


It might have been a little overly-ambitious of me to go clothes shopping six weeks after giving birth. Maternity pants are too loose and regular pants are too tight, so I figured I'd pick up a few items for myself. I didn't anticipate the dressing rooms. I hate trying clothes on. I abhor it. But... Continue Reading →

elevator eyes from Chubs

Today I got my first post-baby body check out. Granted, it was by a chubby cook at Smashburger. He had a pleasant face, but certainly wasn't my ideal ogler. It would have been better for my self-esteem had a dimpled frat boy with muscular arms eyeballed me. But I guess any elevator eyes are better... Continue Reading →

Pounds on board

I did something stupid.Reeeeeeal stupid.I stepped on the scale.I noticed my love handles expanding a few days ago, but then later I had one of those mornings where I hadn't put on my glasses yet and thought I don't look that fat today. So that's where the scale came in.I thought maybe it had overlooked... Continue Reading →

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