guilt cookies

In an effort to lose one of these chins by the time I fly back home for Christmas, on Saturday I decided I would change. I decided I would work out more and eat less sweets. Sunday I went for a long run. Yesterday, I didn't drink a root beer float and I didn't eat... Continue Reading →

chub reasons

I told you that I've logged over 100 miles every month now since April. But I'm still chubby. And you know what? I always will be. Here's why:1. I always eat dessert. I mean always. After every meal and snack2. Steve said I was tweaking the other day before my root beer float fix3. I... Continue Reading →


I haven't bought a swimsuit since before becoming pregnant 6 years ago. I still have my tiny little string bikini that hugged my taut 135 pound frame. I don't know why. Did I really think I'd ever fit in it again? I've finally come to the realization that I won't. So after six years of... Continue Reading →

eyes of the beholder

This is going to sound like a really cheesy after-school special. Well give me a break: I was home schooled and we didn't own a TV, so we didn't get to watch them. Plus, there is no such thing as "after school" when your desk is the dining room table. So maybe I have to... Continue Reading →

Piece be with you

You're looking at my dinner. I came home from a long day of work, a little stressed and worn out and unwilling to starve during the ten hours it seems to take our rice cooker to prepare some minute rice. These things are delicious - they actually taste like Almond joys, even though they're the... Continue Reading →

Run, Pudgy, run!

These six mile runs exhaust meSo for lent, Steve limited his booze intake and amped up his work outs. The booze part didn't last, but he's been going strong on his workouts and has subsequently dropped a few LBs. Steve is pretty lean to begin w/, so the fact that he's losing weight made me... Continue Reading →

highlights, chins, oreos

After work, I went to get my highlights redone. It's been a little longer than usual (like a week over my usual three months between appointments), but the colorist kept saying I hadn't been in since September like it was a huge crime and I should be behind bars for letting my disgusting, natural, grayish/brownish/pukish... Continue Reading →

Day #1 of diet

Yesterday, when it came time to work out, I decided I would rather diet than sweat and slave away each evening on the treadmill. So today started day #1 of diet. Today I decided I would rather sweat and spend 4 hours a day on the treadmill than deprive myself of food I love. So... Continue Reading →

If my clothes could talk

they'd tell me to stop torturing them.Even if you avoid the scale, there are little ways you're reminded it's time to lose a couple pounds. And I'm very aware of all of them. 1. You leave your pants unbuttoned until right before you leave the house2. You come home and immediately change into sweat pants3.... Continue Reading →

tight pants

Do you ever have a day when all day you dream of getting home from work if for no other reason than unbuttoning your pants? Because I do. I've been in these pants for 13 hours now and I'm surprised I haven't lapsed into cardiac arrest. These pants are t-ight! No, they're not some teeny... Continue Reading →

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