tight pants

Do you ever have a day when all day you dream of getting home from work if for no other reason than unbuttoning your pants? Because I do. I’ve been in these pants for 13 hours now and I’m surprised I haven’t lapsed into cardiac arrest. These pants are t-ight! No, they’re not some teeny tiny size that doesn’t fit me. This is my size. Well, I should say, this was my size.

I just told my husband this morning that no matter what, I’m not changing pant([s] confused here…) sizes. I won’t do it. I will run for an hour each night on the treadmill, and maybe-if it gets to that point-buy a food scale (yeah right), but I won’t trade in my extensive (and expensive) pants collection ever. It is my pride and joy. I will wriggle and jump and safety pin for years before I give in. Maybe decades.

I know I shouldn’t be surprised it’s come to this. Hell, just yesterday I blogged about my love of foods chock full of sugar and carbs. But it has. I’m about to pull out the old elastic-band maternity pants just to get me through this rough patch and to spare me from buying the next size up. The next size up is a danger zone. The next size up is a few more hundred dollars worth of viscose.

I understand the girl I have mocked – you know her: muffin top. I understand her completely – her pants are from Banana Republic and she’s too prideful to buy a size up and her husband’s too frugal to let her. Yikes. It’s a rough world out here. Don’t join me.

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  1. i feel you! except mine is also from the face that i regulary wear elastic waist pants so when i wear normal pants i can hardly stand it. sweat pants are a gateway drug.

  2. Yeah, I hear you. My “extensive” jean collection is down to just one pair of “Lucky” jeans. Half of the blogs I look at are for recipes…and I wonder why nothing fits. When I start getting those waistband marks around my stomach that don't go away for hours after taking the jeans off…I know I've gone to far. Thank god there isn't a Qdoba within a hour of my home.

  3. i am wearing jeans from 2 years ago… and i can only wear them with a blousy top or huge sweatshirt. muffin top desn't even start to describe what i've got goin on. but with a closet full of jeans i cna no longer fit in, i refuse to buy new pants.

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