retired waitress

I have retired from waitressing; folded my apron for good this time. I never wanted to go back to it, but even still, I did. Last August I cried to my girlfriend as I told her I was going back to the Johnny's, that I wouldn't see her on the weekends any more. I did... Continue Reading →

night runs

Night runs.Ahhhh (breathe in), night runs.They have always been my favorite.When I was in college,I worked eveningsand I didn't get home until 11 p.m.,and then my favorite thing to dowas lace up my running shoesand run.To run under the stars and the moonswithout all the honking cars and barking dogsis as peacefulas runs can be.The... Continue Reading →

oh hill

 Oops, I did it again.That hill half marathon.When I told my brother about it he said, "why did you do it again?"I did it again because it is an amazing feat. An accomplishment. A real pushing-my-body-to-the-limit.Steve did it with me this year. It was nice to have someone know the pain and agony but also... Continue Reading →

my void, my aloneness, my self

At any rate, that’s how I started running. Thirty three—that’s how old I was then. Still young enough, though no longer a young man. The age that Jesus Christ died. The age that Scott Fitzgerald started to go downhill. That age may be a crossroads in life. That was the age when I began my... Continue Reading →

life after running

I am learning to live like a normal person again, not a person training for a marathon.I went to yoga class a few weeks ago, on a day that I had completed a long run. One of my classmates was impressed at my long distance feat."Runners are usually in the worst shape," my yoga instructor... Continue Reading →

hop in my step

This is so unlike me -- in fact, I even made fun of Chad for buying the marathon photos from his first marathon -- but here we are. I purchased the photos. I am usually a frugal person, but I told myself this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I will never do it again. "Buy souvenir... Continue Reading →

marathon rundown

It is finished. Six months of training, seemingly endless hours of running all added up to something on Saturday. Because on Saturday, I completed a marathon. I ran a fucking marathon. Just a little history, for those of you who don't know:The name Marathon comes from the legend of Pheidippides, the Greek messenger. The legend... Continue Reading →

sticking it out

Training for a marathon is teaching me endurance and perseverance. It's not just anybody who can set out and run for hours. It takes some real cojones. I only set out on out-and-back runs, rather than recurring loops. On loops, it's easy to quit prematurely. But on the out-and-backs, once you get out, you have... Continue Reading →

What the hill?

Back in January, I signed up for a tune-up race as a part of my marathon training. I selected a half marathon based on it's location and date. And before I knew it, the day was upon me. On Saturday, I woke up early. I ate an English muffin, drank a little coffee. I strapped... Continue Reading →


In 2016, I am finally going to knock some of these tasks off my bucket list.So I submitted a manuscript to a publisher and registered for a marathon on January 1st.Now I should go get my wrist tattoo.  I will spend the next few months running and doing yoga. And then running some more. And... Continue Reading →

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