she’s going the distance

Inspired by my sister, a distance runner, I decided to try to run double digit miles. Let me preface this by saying I am not a distance runner. A 10K is just about perfect for me and nearly all my runs are around an hour, if not less. But in order to challenge yourself, you... Continue Reading →

Before and after

I was feeling like pretty hot stuff on Saturday because I ran to the lake and halfway around it, completing seven miles in under an hour. I told Steve afterward, "I would laugh if anyone tried to pass me." Because even though I'm not a true athlete like those marathoners are, I am still prideful... Continue Reading →

50 pounds in 5 months

Five months ago, I gave birth to Holden. That day, I weighed 203 lbs. I hear people say that losing baby weight is easy afterwards and the weight just flies off of you. Well that may be the case for some people. But I had already given birth to two children and each time retained... Continue Reading →

Hood to Coast

Here's where I was this weekend. My family and I completed the Hood to Coast relay. If you haven't heard of this, it is a 199 mile relay race with 12 people on a team. We run from Mt. Hood to the Pacific Ocean. One of us is always running until it is over, which... Continue Reading →


The weather has been absolutely perfect around here. Mid 70s. I remember last summer that I wouldn't even be outside at all from the time I entered work until nearly 6p when I left work. What a terrible way to live.   I was talking to my neighbor yesterday while Brandon played in the backyard and she asked... Continue Reading →

Longacre Park

In September 2006, right after returning home from our honeymoon, Steve and I moved to Fairview Heights, Illinois. Across the street from our little apartment was Longacre Park. I went there nearly every day, sometimes twice to walk or to run. I have never loved running as much as I did there on that trail. Although... Continue Reading →

turn me out the door

The outdoors have been calling me. So, not being one to dismiss a siren's song, I have obliged. I have officially become a Midwesterner. I remember my first winter here, I would think those people wearing shorts in the snow were crazy. I am now that person. A few days lately, the temperature has been... Continue Reading →

DDs without a bra: must be fake

Apparently there is a new gym in town. We have tons of gyms around here which is surprising because most everyone in the midwest is fat. Although I'm sure that's how gyms make their money: off the fat people who buy memberships and don't use them. The skinny marathon runners that are damaging the gym... Continue Reading →

Late retirement

The time has come to let them go. Although they're definitely due for retirement, I wasn't allowing it. Until they physically forced me to. These shoes loved even when I was a bit chubbier. They accompanied me on my first half marathon. I kept the half marathon chip attached to the laces for months after... Continue Reading →

outrunning nature

I love to run between 8pm & 9pm. I like racing the darkness home. With every flicker from a lazy streetlight, my pace quickens. When headlight beams illuminate, I break into my sprint.Tonight I started late: 8:45. But considering this is one of the longest days of the year, it still wasn't too late. My... Continue Reading →

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