outrunning nature

I love to run between 8pm & 9pm. I like racing the darkness home. With every flicker from a lazy streetlight, my pace quickens. When headlight beams illuminate, I break into my sprint.

Tonight I started late: 8:45. But considering this is one of the longest days of the year, it still wasn’t too late. My eyes were glued to the sky tonight.

In Nebraska, summer means intense heat and thunderstorms that sneak right up on you. Nearly every day there’s a thunderstorm in the forecast and you can never be sure if that means one is really coming or not. Jim Flowers is like our boy who cried wolf. Allegedly, tonight it is going to storm.

The sky was completely blue to the south and east of me. There was an angry swirl of gray to the west. It didn’t look too threatening. Then I saw flashes of lightening. I kept my left ear bud dangling so I could hear the thunder growl. Tonight I am racing both darkness and a storm.

Suddenly, that angry gray swirl stretched all in front of me, turning the once blue sky shades of purple and yellow. The clouds forced me south, then east. Then threatened to envelop me altogether.

I ran. I ran faster than I thought I could. My ponytail was too airborne to slap against my shoulders. My legs felt like Roadrunners’. I glided over the sidewalks without even noticing that my breath was quickening and my heart was racing. I was too ambitious to notice something like exhaustion.

As I approached our house, I noticed Steve had left the front porch light on for me. I grinned. I quickly pulled open our storm door, and then thick raindrops plummeted to the ground.

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  1. I love to run late in the evening too- I love it when it's raining or really cold outside. But lightening freaks me out too! I only dream of running like you do- you're an inspiration to me…. now if I could just have a 30 year old body instead of a 45 year old body, ummm 46 in a few short weeks!:)

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