Not as bad as it looks

I hate condiments. I always have. Ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce, soy sauce, even salad dressing. Basically, if it comes in a bottle and sits on the fridge door shelf, I hate it.

However, if it comes in a jar, it could be a different story (I know, I’m complicated). Mayonnaise has always been an in-between. I think it’s a condiment. Or maybe it’s a spread. Whichever, I’ve always lumped it as a hate since it’s next to ketchup and mustard.

But not too long ago, work (I love how it’s a place and a verb) catered in lunch and I was forced into eating a sandwich that already had mayonnaise on it. And I didn’t hate it. Actually, it really added a little something to the sandwich.

So today, I went to Jimmy John’s and, for the first time ever, I ordered a sandwich without adding, “no mayonnaise.” I felt so low-maintenance, ordering straight off the menu, not requiring any special stipulations.

And again, I didn’t hate it. I could even go as far as saying I liked it.

This makes me question what else in life I’ve been missing out on that I’ve already dismissed away.

But I still hate people who say, “you haven’t even tried it yet!”

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  1. Great post, Holly! Although, I am not a condiment hater I somehow understand it. Mostly because I have a serious aversion to a wet sandwich, no oil and vinegar here! My son Zach, your cousin-in-law, “hates” mayonnaise- he won't eat anything that has mayo in it, he will return any order that comes with mayo on it…and he really doesn't even want to hear people talk about mayo! I'm happy that you've discovered the pleasure of at least one condiment:) The best is yet to come!

  2. I have never met someone that didn't like any of the condiments. There are a few in our family that do not like mayo at all…and they put ketchup on their sandwiches{which is gross}…but they all love to dip things in various condiments.

    I can now say that I have met someone that does not like any of them.

    Weirdo! lol Just kidding, kinda, sorta….maybe! 😉

    First time stopping by!

  3. It's funny, because in my old age I am not always ordering things without onions, or lettuce, or tomato. I might pick it off, or I might pick off some of the major chunks, but I'm not a huge baby about it anymore. I was just telling my mom & dad that if the onions or whatever are in a burrito or something that I can't really see them in it's no big deal, I'll eat it. But if I'm about to bite into the burrito and I see a big chunk of onion there I can't help but pick it off. I guess it's a mental thing.

  4. mmmm… mayo. no miracle whip–ick gag yuck. but mayo is delish.

    patrick, matthew even likes grilled onions now. raw ones are a negative… but cooked ones he likes. who knew you two would become so daring in the food world?

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