Facebook peeves

About two months ago, I reactivated my Facebook account to create a group for some friends to stay in touch. It had been three years since I used Facebook. It didn't take long for me to remember everything I hated about it back when I shut it down (I shut mine down once it became... Continue Reading →

most worthless words

On the radio they were taking calls for the most annoying words of 2010. "Whatever" won in a poll. To me, that's not that bad.That got me thinking...Most annoying words:1. Sure As in an answer to a question. Answer the god damn question! 2. FruitionIt's one of those words I think people say just to... Continue Reading →

Why people suck, part 1

I haven't bitched about what I hate about people in a couple hours awhile. It's about time. Isn't that why you read my blog? So we can agree on common hatreds? Honestly, that's what makes a friend to me: not someone who loves what I love, but rather, someone who hates what I hate. Take... Continue Reading →


Not as bad as it looksI hate condiments. I always have. Ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce, soy sauce, even salad dressing. Basically, if it comes in a bottle and sits on the fridge door shelf, I hate it.However, if it comes in a jar, it could be a different story (I know, I'm complicated). Mayonnaise has... Continue Reading →


Yesterday I told you how I'm boycotting the Biggest Loser. If only that was all I was boycotting. I'm also boycotting the following: 1. Gin 2. Drew Barrymore movies3. The new Katy Perry single ("sun-kissed skin so hot it'll melt your popsicle")4. Wal-mart5. Yoplait yogurt 6. Made-up holidays like Secretary's Day7. Ruby Tuesdays8. Spencer &... Continue Reading →


Photobucket.com is a necessity for me. It seems anytime someone takes a picture, they don't zoom in to what the subject, and I end up getting a picture of some strangers taking a whiz on the side of the building, while Steve and tiny blurbs in the corner of the shot.Not only that, but I'm... Continue Reading →

TOP hates

Some people say I hate everything, but I only hate some things. To prove this, I've created a list of my TOP hates (if it isn't listed, I could probably get over it): Chinese food, split-levels, lipstick residue, red bumps after shaving, "anywho," those quizzes on Facebook, being trapped into a work project at 4:58,... Continue Reading →

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