TOP hates

Some people say I hate everything, but I only hate some things. To prove this, I’ve created a list of my TOP hates (if it isn’t listed, I could probably get over it):

Chinese food, split-levels, lipstick residue, red bumps after shaving, “anywho,” those quizzes on Facebook, being trapped into a work project at 4:58, Joel Olsten, mayonnaise, cats, missing or yellow teeth, the smell of “the Body Shop,” Lil’ Wayne, tennis shoes with skirts, screaming babies in public, used gum, stupid questions, “if I told you I’d have to kill you,” talking in third person, face makeup on clothes I try on, driving on ice, my clammy hands touching carpet, being cut in lines (or in traffic), collagen lips, overalls, instantly overrated shows and stars (“Lost;” Will Ferrell), people condemning others to hell, crocs, waiting at the checkout for someone to dig up correct change, stop ‘n’ chats, Runzas, losing things, Jägermeister, brands that suddenly feel the need to put an animal logo on their shirts.

3 thoughts on “TOP hates

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  1. i would say that, but i started doing it as a joke to piss other people off, and i'm afraid some of it stuck. i can't hate myself, after all.

  2. Found you!!! Tag…you're it! Actually my wife and I are reading this blog. My wife says that you have excellent taste in literature. I like the hate list and would agree totally on the Chinese Food thing…ick!

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