25 things

25 things you don't know about meor maybe you do - that all depends on how well you know me. 1. I still have all my wisdom teeth2. I collected basketball cards as a kid3. Ten years of homeschool is the secret of my brilliance (is "homeschool" one word or two?)4. I have seen every... Continue Reading →

hoarders in the making

Objects around the house that tell you you're dangerously close to ending up on that show "Hoarders":1. Puzzle glue2. A TV guide (made out of glossy paper)3. Multiple colors of that ribbon you curl with scissors4. Expiration dates B.Y. (Before Y2K)5. Pet items if you don't have a pet6. Clothes in a mending pile are... Continue Reading →

My 43

While looking for something else entirely, I was side tracked by these lists people were making online to describe themselves using 43 words. So here are my 43:1. Moody2. Unpunctual3. Procrastinator4. Impatient5. Judgmental6. Passionate7. Poetic8. Determined9. Opinionated10. Hospitable11. Learning12. Honest13. Wife14. Curious15. Inquisitive16. Observant17. Homebody18. Pensive19. Reader20. Writer21. Loyal22. Creative23. Empathetic24. Resourceful25. Decisive26. Expressive27. Sarcastic28.... Continue Reading →

beauty in this beholder’s eye

I thought today of what is beautiful to me.Here is what came to mind:1. Birds' nests in leafless trees2. An old journal saved for many years3. Globes and old maps4. Snow blanketing a hushed place5. Books of all different heights on a shelf6. Letterpress prints7. Trains abandoned on the tracks8. Dimples on chubby cheeks9. Ripples... Continue Reading →

most worthless words

On the radio they were taking calls for the most annoying words of 2010. "Whatever" won in a poll. To me, that's not that bad.That got me thinking...Most annoying words:1. Sure As in an answer to a question. Answer the god damn question! 2. FruitionIt's one of those words I think people say just to... Continue Reading →


I know I'm not that old, but seeing kids these days, I feel older than I am. My nephew is four and can navigate an iTouch better than I can. Seeing how much has changed since I've been alive makes me wonder how different things will be ten years from now. I mean, remember:1. When... Continue Reading →

chub reasons

I told you that I've logged over 100 miles every month now since April. But I'm still chubby. And you know what? I always will be. Here's why:1. I always eat dessert. I mean always. After every meal and snack2. Steve said I was tweaking the other day before my root beer float fix3. I... Continue Reading →

Why people suck, part 1

I haven't bitched about what I hate about people in a couple hours awhile. It's about time. Isn't that why you read my blog? So we can agree on common hatreds? Honestly, that's what makes a friend to me: not someone who loves what I love, but rather, someone who hates what I hate. Take... Continue Reading →

Thank God they were converted to DVDs

Steve and I share an appreciation for older movies. Not the black and whites, but the movies from the sixties to early nineties that were all the rage during our childhoods. Tonight, we were watching Mr. Mom for the umpteenth time (it really is that good). We talked about how the movies from back then... Continue Reading →

Must read list

I was perusing through books at Half Price Books, one of my favorite places, when I happened upon a book of books to read (how many times can I use "book" in one sentence?). It had 500 books that will supposedly change your life. Or flatten a spider, seeing some of them to be huge... Continue Reading →

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