I know I’m not that old, but seeing kids these days, I feel older than I am. My nephew is four and can navigate an iTouch better than I can. Seeing how much has changed since I’ve been alive makes me wonder how different things will be ten years from now. I mean, remember:

1. When your phone was only used for calling people
2. When your computer was two colors: black and green
3. Typewriters
4. Sending mail through the post office
5. Walkmans
6. Winding those god damn cassette tapes because the tape was always coming out
7. Your first cell phone that didn’t even flip open
8. Blowing on video games to unfreeze them
9. Literally recording tv shows with your VHS player
10. Records
11. Buying an entire CD just for that one song you liked
12. Computer paper with perforation and holes on the sides
13. When eBay was actual people selling their old shit
14. Sending checks to pay for things you bought on eBay
15. Radio shows as entertainment (Fibber McGee & Molly, Suspense, Dragnet et al.)
16. Take and bake pizza
17. Books
18. Bikes and scooters without motors
19. Disney movies before Pixar
20. Developing film to see your pictures

We’ve come a long way, baby. Every thing is faster and more convenient. It scares me to think of what could be next (although Steve mentioned cars that drive themselves – that’s one modern marvel I am not afraid of).

Tell me what you miss that I missed. Or maybe you don’t miss it, but you laugh now at what a pain in the ass it was then.

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  1. some of those things i don't remember but i used to looove ripping those holes off of the paper.

    they still have take and bake pizza and i didn't even know what that was until high school.

  2. “Radio shows as entertainment (Fibber McGee & Molly, Suspense, Dragnet et al.)”

    most people our age didn't listen to radio shows, holly.

    how i miss our DOS computer.

    i also miss the old school oregon trail computer game… it was a step ahead of the just green and black computers, orange and white made their way to the screen too.

  3. Melinda: good point. That might have been more of a homeschooler w/o TV thing than a normal 80s kid thing.

    And Steve and I were just talking about how awesome I was at bartering on the Oregon Trail. Steve said he was allowed to play it at school! I had to do it on my free time at home.

    Shelby: yeah, take and bake pizza may still be around but now that I'm an adult and decide my own meals, I'm sure as hell never eating it again!

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