Yesterday I told you how I'm boycotting the Biggest Loser. If only that was all I was boycotting. I'm also boycotting the following: 1. Gin 2. Drew Barrymore movies3. The new Katy Perry single ("sun-kissed skin so hot it'll melt your popsicle")4. Wal-mart5. Yoplait yogurt 6. Made-up holidays like Secretary's Day7. Ruby Tuesdays8. Spencer &... Continue Reading →

modern marvels

There are a few modern marvels that never cease to amaze me. They put a little pep in my step and remind me there is some surprise left in our mundane lives. Some of those wonders are:1. When I'm on a slope just so and the car is in drive and I neither have to... Continue Reading →

archived want list

I found an old blog post stashed away in a notebook full of things I wrote once upon a time. I'm into that kind of thing - trips down memory lane, that is. This was back when my blog was on my myspace, if that says anything. This was before I was married, when I... Continue Reading →

best not to mention

Now I won't claim to be a great wife by any stretch of the imagination, but Steve seems to like me. Tonight he told me my realistic expectations of him was what he loved about me. Hopefully that's not it, but it's something nevertheless. We were having this conversation because he was watching the Vikings/Saints... Continue Reading →


My current obsessionsas plagerized from JasonArgyleBoots CrosswordsDavids (Duchovney, Beckham)EbayFamily ManGoogle EarthHusbandImdbJigsaw puzzlesKeeping Christmas decorations upListsMemoirsNot using conditionerOvertimePirates song by Norah JonesQuesadillasRaspberry SmirnoffsScarvesTabooUs WeeklyVictoria’s Secret catalog clothesWalking instead of runningXing workouts off my calendarYearbook from People magazineZzzs on the weekendsAnd what I can do without: Angel perfumeBrunoClarks shoesDoo ragsElderly driversFleece hat and glove setsGrillsH1N1InTouchJon & KateKool... Continue Reading →

If my clothes could talk

they'd tell me to stop torturing them.Even if you avoid the scale, there are little ways you're reminded it's time to lose a couple pounds. And I'm very aware of all of them. 1. You leave your pants unbuttoned until right before you leave the house2. You come home and immediately change into sweat pants3.... Continue Reading →

Monday night football

As I looked around the sports bar tonight, I realized I was the only woman there who wasn't wearing an apron. I'm no sports fanatic, but I would like to think the men don't hate it when I come along. Many women have no idea how to watch football without being annoying. There are ups... Continue Reading →

garage sale

Things I’ve got rid of that I wish I still had:A set of books my grandma bought me and inscribed; rollerblades; bike with its attached speedometer; my educational reports I made purely for fun when I was homeschooled; my track sweats (although these were stolen – I refuse to believe I lost them or tossed... Continue Reading →

life (re)cycles

Things I'm both too old and too young for(what we in the middle are missing):1. Eating at IHOP2. Being awake at 4:30 am3. Driving 20 mph outside of the speed limit4. Birthday cards with money5. Facial cremes6. Crocs7. Playing the piano8. Floral prints9. Being tested at the DMV10. Old Country Buffet11. Losing teeth12. Tea parties13.... Continue Reading →

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