modern marvels

There are a few modern marvels that never cease to amaze me. They put a little pep in my step and remind me there is some surprise left in our mundane lives. Some of those wonders are:

1. When I’m on a slope just so and the car is in drive and I neither have to push the brake or the gas pedal to keep the car from moving.

2. When my total at the grocery store ends up on an even dollar amount

3. Getting my 10th burrito for free at Qdoba

4. I hear the song I’m in the mood for on the radio (although it’s no longer much of a novelty since I like “Rude Boy” by Rihanna)

5. Someone brings donuts or Eileen’s cookies to the office and isn’t reimbursed for it (but I’m not so into the Panera Bread bagels obsession: I want frosting!)

6. Returning to my parked car to see the time hasn’t expired yet on the meter. It makes me feel like an overachiever.

7. Receiving any service for under $20 (today I got an eyebrow wax for only $7 and I felt like I was robbing this poor woman)

8. A solicitor comes up to the door, but rather than ringing your doorbell, he just drops a flyer and runs. Sure, this is usually the little 12-year-old kids helping out their paps, but I sigh relief regardless.

9. Discovering a shirt somewhere deep in my closet I forget I had. And it still fits! (although that was really just good planning on Past Holly’s part: I never buy clothes that are too tight at the time expecting to be thinner later on: I’m a realist)

10. Surpassing my daily goals. Today I told myself I was fine with just doing four miles, but when I saw Daris on Biggest Loser working so hard, I decided to tack on an extra three. If he can do it, I can (although that’s not true, last week he ran a 5K in 21 min and I could never do that).

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