anchors away

I’ve never been on a cruise. I’d like to, but I haven’t. Regardless, I feel like I know what it’s like to be on one: it’s like when there is a family wedding. I hear on cruises there’s always something to do: different activities going on that you flit from one to the next. This weekend, every day is packed-full of family gatherings. I feel like I need an itinerary, a clipboard, and a pen.

Before the festivities, we cleaned the house. I fully intended on weeding the yard as well, but in frantic situations, I must prioritize. That and because Thursday nights are chock-full of TV that requires my immediate attention (have I mentioned before how much I love Aziz Ansari? Oh yes, I have. He’s on the NBC show “Parks and Recreation” that only Steve and I watch. No matter what he says, I laugh hysterically. He just has that effect on me).

Family has come to town for the event. It’s good to see them again. It’s odd the way families seem to get scattered, but most of the people still live in the original place. Most of the family is in Denver, so having them travel to see us, when it obviously should be the other way around, is a treat. And let me say about this extended family Steve’s brought me into: I love it. I love Steve’s cousins and his aunts and uncles. I love his grandparents. And whether or not they really do, this family acts like they love me. And I feel very blessed to have met all of them. To have heard their incredible stories and to be invited into their lives.

But enough with the warm and fuzzies: air mattresses suck. I think they are the direct cause for impatience. Yes, the whole character trait: air mattresses are responsible. See, mom and dad, I told you you’re not to blame for all my character flaws. I developed them myself or received them after a rotten memory that will never escape my mind. Forget the air mattresses: they’re not comfortable anyway, they make too much noise, and are much too low to the ground. We decided to stick with the old fashioned way: the couch.

I know it’s only 10:13, but I’m off to bed because there’s breakfast tomorrow at 8:30. I actually have to set an alarm on a Saturday morning. On this cruise ship, instead of not sleeping enough because of the tossing waves, it’s because our itinerary begins at sunrise. Please don’t blame me if I’m crabby family, I need my 10 hours on Friday nights. Although you probably wouldn’t even notice if I’m crabby because sometimes it’s a bit difficult to tell the difference.

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  1. Holly,
    I'm pretty sure the family really does love you! And I must say that I agree with you about the air mattress…I would rather sleep on the floor.
    Enjoy the wedding festivities this weekend! I wish we could have been there!


  2. i refuse to camp without an air mattress. we just bought a new one, when we pumped ours up for andrea and realized it had a huge hole.

    and ps… our family likes you… i am pretty sure… probably more than they like me, and i am actually a part of the family.


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