life (re)cycles

Things I’m both too old and too young for
(what we in the middle are missing):

1. Eating at IHOP
2. Being awake at 4:30 am
3. Driving 20 mph outside of the speed limit
4. Birthday cards with money
5. Facial cremes
6. Crocs
7. Playing the piano
8. Floral prints
9. Being tested at the DMV
10. Old Country Buffet
11. Losing teeth
12. Tea parties
13. Owning a cat
14. Disobeying superiors
15. Someone else signing my legal documents
16. Unemployment
17. Help with my chores
18. Water wings
19. Go Fish
20. Pudding
21. Cursive handwriting
22. A perm
23. Otis Spunkmeyer cookies
24. Membership in a club (other than Sam’s)
25. Driving a hooptie
26. Casinos
27. Polident
28. Night light
29. Juice
30. Tights

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