archived want list

I found an old blog post stashed away in a notebook full of things I wrote once upon a time. I’m into that kind of thing – trips down memory lane, that is. This was back when my blog was on my myspace, if that says anything. This was before I was married, when I lived by myself in my tiny apartment and didn’t have the internet, so I probably wrote this at the library. This is all I wanted then:

* * *

Monday, January 16, 2006

this is all i want

to have a house i love that i am perpetually fixing up or buying stuff for with a yard and a garden.
to wake up everyday and get to do whatever i want.
to write a few books.
to teach a college creative writing class.
to have enough money to be comfortable.
to buy a motor home and travel around america one summer.
to travel to a few places (see wake up every day and do whatever i want).
to love and be loved.
to change some people’s lives for the better.
to find out how old that kid working at arby’s is (he’s got to be ten).
to have lunch with larry david.
to watch my daughter grow into a beautiful woman.
to have a very passionate everyday.
to have a tv that takes up my entire entertainment center.
to be a mentor (maybe not now…maybe when i’m more mature…)
to have my writing mean something to other people.
to have some great boots.
and a lot of great jeans.
those are important.
why do i keep writing with periods?
i’m an english major.
i know better.
still doing it.
to do my own hair.
to make people laugh.
to have friends who i’ll do anything for and will do anything for me.
to wake up everyday happy.
to go to bed every night without regrets.
to finish writing this blog before my lunch hour.

* * *

(OK, apparently this wasn’t written at the library, but rather at work when I was at TMA – the one good thing about a job that doesn’t keep you busy).

I see I did get a few of these checked off already – the house, the tv, the good jeans and boots: the monetary ones that became possible once I was married and saw the benefits of not living paycheck to paycheck. But there are others that I’m still working towards. And always will be.

And now, my list has changed to include Steve. I’d like to take him scuba diving, go on a cruise, watch him freak out when I attempt to skydive. But this list reminded me that I’m getting there. Life is slowly taking me in the direction I hoped, but I’ve still got to find out a way to wake up everyday and get to do whatever I want.

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