The weather has been absolutely perfect around here. Mid 70s. 
I remember last summer that I wouldn’t even be outside at all from the time I entered work until nearly 6p when I left work. What a terrible way to live. 
I was talking to my neighbor yesterday while Brandon played in the backyard and she asked when I was returning to work. “I quit my job,” I answered. She smiled. “New house color, no job – things are looking up!” 
They really are. This year has been so much better than last year. I could work and make more money and buy more things, but a pause is so much more valuable to our family. I’m content with what I have. I’m happy with how I’m able to spend my time now.
I go for a run nearly every night now, once the boys are asleep. Steve offered to watch them so I could go right after dinner, but I said I’d go at my normal time because playing in the backyard sounded so much better. 
And then, when I did run, I got to see this: 
It doesn’t suck: this life I live.

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