Birthday cards and 800-Ask-Xerox

Are birthday cards over yet? Shouldn’t there be a rule that these are only for ages 18 and under? I never know if I can stop giving them yet or if someone is going to be offended if they don’t get one (of course it’s happened! I’ve offended everyone I know at one point or another). Also, if there’s not money in it, really, what’s the point?

Now, as if the birthday cards weren’t enough, I’m getting wedding and graduation invitations. Of course not to attend (out of state), but to send money. I’m barely older than you! We played with my Puff the Magic Dragon together, and you want me to send you money? You’re supposed to send these to your parents’ friends: the rich people. I stubbornly don’t send money. I believe people under thirty should be exempt from such skulduggery. Take note, cousins!

I was driving home and saw a minivan for Xerox. It said their phone number was 1-800-Ask-Xerox. I think we all know how long a phone number needs to be. Without area code, we only need seven numbers, how stupid do you think we are? So of course 800-Ask-Xerox is really just 800-Ask-Xero. I was annoyed that they tried adding a number to phone numbers, as if they are the ones who dictate just how long the number will be. Why don’t you just change your number to 800-Ax-Xerox? And don’t even get me started on license plates with extra characters.

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  1. When I groomed our number was 1-800-55-lucky (called the lucky puppy, company has since given up the number idea) it failed because most of our customers were elderly little ladies with spoiled pups. And they were always asking “how do I dial letters?!” …. Drove me nuts. Lol.
    As for cards I make our own (no I'm not crafty or organized enough to make those adorable ones you see other people make from scratch with do da's that end up looking scrapbook like) I print them off and have the kids color them. Its my way of reminding people why I'm broke. Lol. They get “art” from my six and eight year olds, then they wind up being the rude ones for not calling and thanking the kids for the cards. *evil laugh* I dont think this will work when they are older though. Oh well. Loving it in the mean time 😀


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