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So, college is worthless. Four years of English classes and when I tried to spell conniving today, it was so far off, even spell check didn’t have any suggestions for me (kniving – which, yeah, now that I think about it, sounds like some sick suicide regimen). Luckily, my college roommate who knows much more about spelling and grammar than I ever will was on Facebook and I quickly chat messaged her for an answer. One of these days, I’m going to talk to her about a way to remember how to spell coincidence because I know I should know it by now.

So if you get out of college and still feel dumb, is that when you enroll in grad school, or is that when you realize, F it, those who want to learn will learn regardless of formal education and get a real job? I interview people all day every day and I can tell you there are tons of peeps going to grad school because they either can’t or don’t want to get a real job. Enjoy six years of classes and thirty years of debt, dummy! I will go to grad school when someone offers to pay for it. Maybe. If I can’t find anything better to do.

I was extremely annoyed today at someone I spoke who hasn’t worked in seven years because she “was in school.” Yeah, OK. In the last seven years I have: graduated from college, moved eight times (or so), had numerous boyfriends, had a child, got married, held a dozen jobs, bought a house, got a dog, etc, etc. And you’re telling me, in all that time, you didn’t work a single day? Not even for an hour? No thanks, pass. I don’t even want to tell you how many of those jobs I had were while I was in college.

But hey, you say, always giving the benefit of the doubt (don’t you hate those people?) maybe she was able to concentrate on her school with all her free time? Doubts it. I saw her resume. Not too impressive lady. Microsoft Excel only has one “l.” I doubt you’re proficient in it like you say you are. Excell elsewhere, Van Wilder!

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  1. Lol. I should send you my resume and see how it looks.

    Coincidence: ok the way I remember it is this~you cant have a coincidence without it effecting more than just you, so its a co incidence. Though I just sound it out most times now (spelled the way it sounds) my biggest misspell is always when i comes before e except after c. (I hate those, especially when it ISNT the rule for certain words) and confusing “where” and “were”.

    Some people are just plain lazy. I have a few gaps in my job history from medical problems (kidney stones while pregnant with my second) financial problems (do you know how expensive daycare is?! lol) and once where I chose to stay home with my kids (though thats twice now since I am currently a stay at home mom). But in the past 7 years I have: had a kid, held down idontknowhowmany jobs, moved 6 times, gotten my GED, gone to online college (NEVER go with Phoenix University by the way, they scam you and the gov't out of every penny they can) gotten divorced, met my current bf (and hopefully he will be my 2nd husband) had 3 dogs, two cats and three turtles, and started an organization (sort of) for Ladies On Line. Kind of makes me want to see this chicks daddy's paycheck stub though and ask him what he does for a living if she managed to go to college for so long without working!


  2. i am a really bad speller. it was always a difficult subject for me. i blame reading because they teach you to sound things out. so that's how i spelled. damn educational system.


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