Well, he's done it. Steve has graduated with his MBA.   I took the boys to the graduation.  I could get Holden in respectable attire, but I gave up on Brandon. I did not graduate from a big university. I didn't know there would be traffic and a shuttle. I didn't know the ceremony would actually... Continue Reading →


It's been over a decade that Steve and I have been together. And I'm not one of those types to post a bunch of mushy stuff on social media about us, because that's not really who we are a lot of times. Much of our time is spent independently - him working and me taking... Continue Reading →

My sons’ father

Father's Day came and went and I wasn't cliché by writing something about how great of a father my husband is. But I will now. Because he is. Every day he comes home from a long day at work and without me nagging or asking, he changes the boys' diapers. He plays with Brandon outside... Continue Reading →

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