another year older

 So we went to Washington, the boys and me.  They were absolute champions with luggage. OK, most of the time. When they weren't, the kindness of strangers came through again, as it always seems to.  Holden, no longer the baby, took care of the baby in his own way.  The cherry blossoms were out, the... Continue Reading →

home sweet childhood

It is always nice to go back home, but this trip had a greater meaning for me.It was my goodbye to my home, and I spent a few tearful moments in our backyard, in my room, and in the room that Amber and I once shared. I stood where our gardens once were, which was... Continue Reading →

family pictures

We just returned from Christmas in Seattle. For my parents' 35th anniversary (a year late), we got them pictures of all of us.   Here is my brother's family:  And my little family, of course:  My sister and Dan: And my favorite little brother:   The original Peleskys:  And the people who made us and all of our little families... Continue Reading →

trampoline, dried candy, croquet

I’ve lived in Nebraska for a few years now, but my home is still Washington. I spent my entire adolescence there, and even still, I miss so much about it. Such as:• My brothers• Mild weather• The words “freeway,” and “dinner” (I still cringe when I hear “supper”)• Good (and fresh) seafood• The Meeker Mansion... Continue Reading →

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