trampoline, dried candy, croquet

I’ve lived in Nebraska for a few years now, but my home is still Washington. I spent my entire adolescence there, and even still, I miss so much about it. Such as:

• My brothers

• Mild weather

• The words “freeway,” and “dinner” (I still cringe when I hear “supper”)

• Good (and fresh) seafood

• The Meeker Mansion and the fact I thought we were important for owning his rocking chair

• The Sumner Arts festival and its all-you-could-eat free watermelon on Friday night

• The Narrows bridge

• Ruston Way

• Using Mt. Rainier to gauge the weather (if I could see it through the clouds, it was going to be a nice day)

• Jumping on the trampoline

• Seeing mom’s mugs full of dried up candy on the kitchen counters

• The Old Spaghetti factory

• An airport that offered direct flights to somewhere other than Denver

• The stores to shop in (oh, the stores! I long for a Nordstrom’s)

• Proximity to the ocean (even though every time I’ve gone I’ve been nearly eaten alive by sand fleas)

• Casinos that aren’t on a river

• Playing croquet with my dad

• Running to the convenience store with Joel for scratch tickets and candy

• The Puyallup fair

• Being dragged to the major life events of people I don’t necessarily like, but have known forever

• Not needing to pick out a doctor, dentist or mechanic – I’ll just use whoever my parents use

• Those cups with vanilla ice cream and orange sherbet and the wooden spoons

• Smartfood white cheddar popcorn

• I even miss that stupid maroon afghan mom kept over the couch to shield it from the sun.

And I never thought I’d say that. At heart, I will always be a Pacific Northwesterner.

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  1. lovely post.

    isn't it strange how we are so attached to where we come from. although i have been in omaha for nearly 7 years, when i go home to colorado, it's like i can breath freely. like my heart is at rest. at home.

    do you think omaha will ever feel like home to us transplants…

  2. melinda, i love that you call us “transplants.” Perhaps that is a common term, I have never heard it. And no, I don't think it will ever feel like home. As long as there are tornado warnings and people being more obsessed with college than pro sports teams, my heart will not be at peace.

  3. so I found your blog by looking for a picture on google of smart food white cheddar popcorn for my blog. and then i really enjoyed your blog because my heart also belongs to the northwest. feel free to blogstalk me, though I'm not very interesting.

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