retired waitress

I have retired from waitressing; folded my apron for good this time. I never wanted to go back to it, but even still, I did. Last August I cried to my girlfriend as I told her I was going back to the Johnny's, that I wouldn't see her on the weekends any more. I did... Continue Reading →

snobs about jobs

I was talking to my brother the other day about work. About how so many people quit their jobs because they don't feel fulfilled or aren't completely happy. Or how some people won't accept a job even though they have bills to pay because they think it's beneath them or it isn't their ideal job.... Continue Reading →

my first (real) job

Before having a real job, I worked teen jobs. I babysat, was a counselor at summer camp, and ran an after-school tutoring program for Bancroft elementary from a church basement. But I didn't really enter the work force until my job at Knapp's. This is it:and for a flavor of the inside:When I needed a... Continue Reading →

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