gypsy lady

I woke up this morning to the sound of booming thunder. Lightening bolts flashed the sky to white, and I felt as if they were close enough to strike and burn our building to the ground. This was the first time I actually understood what rolling thunder meant, because as swiftly as it jolted me awake, I heard it roll northeast, as if it can only stay in one spot for so long.

Perhaps a bit like me, as I can also only stay in one spot for so long. My resume is not impressive, as I’ve been here and there to learn a little from everywhere I’ve landed, but never withstood the longevity it requires to master any trait. I’ve worked for more companies and lived at more apartment complexes in my last eight years than most people will in their entire lives.

It’s time for some stability. Marriage and a mortgage are two reasons more than I need to find a place I fit. Ringing in the new year with the same job doesn’t mean I’ve lost my curiosity or my eagerness to learn new skills. It doesn’t mean I can’t go back to school and change my mind a hundred more times about what profession I desire.

I need to learn that while I’m changing my mind, I don’t need to also be drastically changing my life. I’m getting older, and thus, running out of plausible excuses. Living off a friend’s couch or having three different jobs in a year just isn’t as accepted once you near thirty. Perhaps instead of seeking out change, I will seek routine, and let change find me if it wills.

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