Blaming a disorder

I don’t understand how Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder suddenly became cool. People have started self-diagnosing themselves saying, “I have OCD,” for anything from liking their room tidy to playing songs in a certain order. Ever think maybe that’s just your preference? I know it is a real disorder, but I Wikipediad it prior to writing this, so I know only 2% of people actually have it. About 80% of the people I know claim to having it. What makes us so quick to want to label ourselves? Must we always throw ourselves into a pile with other people to prove we’re not alone?

Right after I graduated High school, ADD was the disorder of the year. People self-diagnosed themselves with that when they didn’t pay attention in a boring class or when they changed the subject at the lunch table. If you really wanted to impress someone, you said you had ADHD. If you really did have it and were diagnosed by a bona fide doctor, I would understand broadcasting it: after all, you’ve got Ritalin to sell now on the black market.

There are real people with real diseases and disorders out there, let’s not go around making a mockery of them with our mundane little dislikes and preferences. If you have a quirk, just admit it, and quit trying to blame it on something out of your control. Next thing you know, Aspergers will be the disorder of the year and everyone who avoids their neighbor in the Supermarket or still lives with their parents at age 28 will suddenly claim to have it. What a joke.

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