Goodbye, Apple Creek

Our Apple Creek apartment is now merely stacks of boxes. It’s the end of an era. I’ve lived in these apartments all of my non-student Omaha life. This is where I lived when I was proposed to and got married, got my first (and second) dog, and first lived on my own. To pay homage to my old home, I’ve compiled a list of my top memories here:

1. The craziest night ever. If you weren’t there, it involved a dead skunk, a bloody head, some puke peppered with jalapenos and a high speed car race. I think you can fill in the rest of the story for yourself.

2. Was that the same night as the UV in the IV? I forget. If not, I will add that to the list. All of these “craziest nights ever” have become jumbled to me.

3. Telling Steve I loved him (and having him ask me the next day if I meant it)

4. Coming home and seeing little Tucker, who Steve had bought while I was at work. He was whining in his kennel, and so small I didn’t know if I would break him. Not much after that, I felt like a proud mama the day he first tumbled down the steps.

5. Taking out the shelves in the fridge to fit the wedding cake. Also that day, my mom frantically ripping out the seams in my wedding dress (if you want it to fit, best not to buy it online).

6. Scraping my third degree sunburn off my body after our honeymoon

7. Assembling the treadmill by myself and not getting upset

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