vacuuming, travelling, befriending

I decided our house is too big. I decided this, of course, when I was cleaning and had to change the outlet the vacuum was plugged into several times. At the apartment I never had to switch the outlet. Perhaps that is why I’ve only vacuumed here once. Today I try again.

Steve and I bought airlines tickets to Seattle in September. We are going to watch my little brother turn 21, go the Mount Rainier, show Steve the Pacific Ocean for the first time. We are going to go to the Puyallup fair where we will watch a concert from the grandstands, buy homemade taffy, see the pig races, and maybe Steve will even win me some stupid stuffed animal. I am so excited to be home again. Every time I go home though, I want to move back more and more.

Facebook has so many applications, bells, and whistles now that I can barely understand it. What are these friend suggestions? Someone sends me the link to add someone else as a friend? If they want to be my friend, grow a pair and ask me yourself! It reminds me of fifth grade when my mom would try to force me to befriend Colleen Gillespie even though I couldn’t stand her with her knee-high socks and kiss ass personality. If someone suggested you to be my friend, I will not. I do not like being bullied into anything.

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  1. i hate the new facebook. i despise it. it makes me not want to use it. so mostly, i don't. my favorite is the “people you might know” i don't know 80% of them, why would they think i know them…

    horray to going home! today i had to watch my dad, brother, and 5 youth group kids load a car and leave for my favorite part of home… our cabins in the mountains. it broke me that i am not going. and made me so jealous of them. i am sure you will have a lovely time!


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