crazy beadcraft

My favorite store to go to as a child was the fabric store. Mom used to sew a lot of our dresses for us, so she would spend hours looking at patterns, picking out fabrics, and getting just the right amount cut for her. in the mean time, amber and i entertained ourselves by going down the craft aisles. i began saving my money for little things in these aisles. My favorite was the beads.

I still have them. I have seed beads in pretty much every color imaginable. I also have gaudy baubles. I have fishing wire and elastic. I have earring hooks and clasps. We had a neighbor named Correna whom we called Cruella (101 Dalmatians was still popular during my childhood). She loved to act like your friend one day just to shut you out the next. On the day she acted like my friend, she gave me a pill bottle full of beads. The next day she demanded them back and claimed I had stolen them. I didn’t give them back. Suddenly, I wanted to make bracelets and necklaces, earrings and rings.

I made these stupid bead creations for everyone. for my uncle who went to WSU, I made a gray and burgundy ring. I had to guess on finger sizes, so the rings all turned out closer to the size of a bracelet (when I was 11, I thought all adult sizes were gigantic). For my Sunday school teacher, i made a lapel pin. yes, i said a pin. It wasn’t long until I thought I had mastered the art of beadery and could start my own business. I made a price list and told the neighbor girls they could pick any colors they wanted and i would make jewelry for them.

A couple years ago, I was a bit tipsy and decided what better than to pull out the old bead collection. I thought I would be able to whip up some bracelet in no time. I got the other girl equally giddy about the idea as only two drunk girls can be and we excitedly picked out our colors and cut our elastic. Unfortunately, I realized that without a needle, I couldn’t made a bracelet anymore. I no longer have tiny hands. They have morphed into gigantic man-hands. you think I exaggerate because women supposedly have dainty features, but I don’t even know if one of those old rings I had made would fit.

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