shoulda, coulda, woulda

I found an amazing website tonight: You absolutely must visit it. If you are anything like me, you like to know roles that actors turned down. This website is dedicated to it and is so much fun. You can see what actors are always competing with each other for the same roles (brad pitt, johnny depp, leonardo dicaprio). I just spent the last two hours there and only left it to blog about how great it is.

I’m painting my bathroom tomorrow. I thought I had everything I needed: roller brush, long metal thing to pour the paint into, paint brush, paint. Only after returning home did I realize I needed masking tape. Unfortunately, our new house is a few miles away from the center of all commercialization. The only place around us that might have masking tape was Walgreens. Well, they did have it. And it only cost $6.29. I refused to buy it. I can’t believe tape costs that much. So instead I bought a six pack of Smirnoff from the grocery store and pocketed the extra thirty cents.

I do miss living on 144th/Center where Dairy Queen was a quarter a mile away as was the mall, three grocery stores, and everything else was within a mile or two. Today I had to google where the closest Arby’s is. I traded in living in the restaurant/stores neighborhood to suburbia. Every where that would have a drive thru is a park over here. Sure it’s quiet and scenic and all, but when I need a hot meal, my only options are Sonic and Taco Johns. And even Sonic is out after 7pm. All the high schoolers hang out in the parking lot blaring their music and comparing sneakers. I need to stop eating that greasy food and start working out more anyway, perhaps the inconvience will motivate me.

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