A few of my favorite things:

My Nike + ipod sports kit that tracks my stats on my ipod while I work out. This could quite possibly be the greatest invention ever. Ever.

This book has everything I would ever need to know in it. Everything. I have spent hours curled up with this book, and hope for many more hours to come.

My Charles Wysocki jigsaw puzzles. And my one Gary Patterson.

My sex and the city DVDs. All of them. But especially season six (part one).

My hooker boots (but they aren’t used for hookin’)

This picture of mine that I will one day find a way to bring from Washington to Nebraska, frame and all.

A must for my clammy hands when lifting weights.

My DVR: to watch TV on my own time, not the networks’.

No better way to spend four hours than the best computer game ever: Caesar III.

Oh yes, I’m still into sweater vests.

7 thoughts on “A few of my favorite things:

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  1. holly, i started a “my favorites” post last night, but i wanted to go to bed early, so i abandoned it and went to sleep instead.

    it would have been kind of creepy if we had the same post.

  2. melinda,

    we are always on the same page. i was going to tell you the other night that that same night you wrote a post about your best friends, i was thinking of doing the same thing.


    i think season five sucks! that's when miranda has the baby, right? i love season six because of burger. steve and i like four because he loves aiden (the made over version).

  3. I love the final two episodes. Paris, baby!
    Miranda…”You love.”
    Charlotte…”That's our baby.”
    Big…”Carrie, you're the one.”
    Miranda…”Go get our girl.”
    The music. The sights. Carrie's clothes….


    Did I say I watched SATC?

    Don't tell.

    I love those vests and those fabulous boots.

  4. I loved the fact that you actally put a picture of the Charles Wysoki puzzle up, the fabulous picture (yes, you do need to get that back), Caesar III and the sweater vests. These are all things you're putting in your will for your little sister to inherit, right?

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