bottle, Leo, baby

I was driving home today listening to my ipod on shuffle, and what are the odds that two songs in a row had the word, “bottle” in them? But you could hardly know it, because Kate Nash says it like “bah-ohl,” and Julie Roberts says it like “bawwddle.” I found myself pronouncing the word over and over in the car, in different ways until I nearly drove myself insane.

I got my William Rasts today and they are everything I have ever wanted in a pair of jeans. OK, they could be an inch longer, but other than that, they are perfect in every way. I am never taking them off until they get too tight, and even then I will continue to wear them but unbuttoned the way poor, pregnant, and people in denial do. Shamelessly. Hell, they’re William Rasts, I can wear them any way I want and still hold my head high.

We were watching “This Boy’s Life” the other day and I realized I have never seen a movie with Leonardo DiCaprio in it that I didn’t like. OK, hold up. I just imdb’d Leo to get that link for your convenience, and saw that he has a movie in development called, “Aquaman.” I thought that whole idea was made up for Entourage. This makes me wonder how many of their other pitched shows or movies are floating around Hollywood, waiting to be picked up. Perhaps Mark Wahlberg has some ulterior motives and is using his show to make big bucks of these scripts.

Steve and I have been doing chores around the house this week and finally touched up my terrible paint job in the bathroom. It looks much better now, Matt even says like a professional. That is a stretch, but I liked to hear it. I would like to one day be handy around the house, able to fix and fix up on my own. Next, we tackle painting the pink bedroom a (any!) different color.

I have the cutest little niece who I like to hold and coo at and hold the bottle for as she devours it in record time. She was the cutest thing until last week when she spit up pretty much her entire bottle all over my shirt. The shirt is in the dryer, I still haven’t checked to see if spit-up stains come out for fear that they don’t. Today, she began biting on my fingers with her hard gums with such strength it made me squirm in discomfort. How can a five month old baby hurt me, you ask? Alright, well I never claimed to be the toughest sonofabitch alive, geez, give it a rest. The point being, her cuteness is beginning to wear thin a bit. Perhaps waiting a few more years before reproducing is our best idea yet.

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  1. i don't really care for leonardo dicaprio as a person, but i am always awed by his acting… especially when he was a little boy, hello what's eating gilbert grape… i think he is a great actor, and i alwyas enjoy his movies.

    this weekend?


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