Street of dreams

I went to the street of dreams with my sister tonight. It’s a Pelesky girls tradition. We’ve been ogling houses, furniture, and decorations we can’t afford since the beginning of time.

OK, twist my arm. I would take this kitchen.

And because I’m feeling generous, I will take this bar for Steve for the basement, too.

I wasn’t too impressed with the bedrooms this year. I see better at Furniture Row. Amber mentioned how impractical and pointless these curtains are. I agree completely.

There are very few things in life I wouldn’t do for a flat top stove. No, I don’t cook anyway, but I do clean the trays and the burners of sizzled up noodles and sauce that goes astray. I hate that I can never get the color back from black to silver no matter how hard I try. No, not even with a Mr. Clean eraser. And the next day, inevitably, something drops into the tray again. Murphy’s law of the stove, that’s how it runs around here. So yes, I’ll take a cooktop, too.

Who has a perpetually set table? Rich people, apparently. If I kept plates out like that, I would have to dust them. I have enough to dust as is with my surplus of dark brown furniture. Which, apparently is in this year according to Street of Dreams.

2 thoughts on “Street of dreams

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  1. i went to street of dreams while you were in washington…

    i hated the dummy panel curtains, there were in every house.

    i also think it is interesting what people choose when they are building a million dollar house. if i were spending a million dollars on a house, i wouldn't buy any of those houses.

    but i think i am too practical for a million dollar house anyway…

  2. since my dad is a carpenter and has done street of dreams houses in the past it takes a lot to impress me. my dad has done houses where the staircase railing alone was a million dollars.

    i agree that flat top stoves are easier to clean but i have dreams of a 6 burner viking with the built in grill panel.

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