Starbucks, missing debit card, and a bee

A Saturday morning tradition of mine has been going to get Starbucks and a Winchell’s donut (yeah, I know it’s spelled “doughnut” but that spelling really bothers me for some reason. I think it’s needlessly long for a food with a hole in it). In our new house, it takes an extra twenty minutes to run these two seemingly quick errands, so I haven’t been getting my fix.

Today, I decided to break out my old habit again. I went through the Starbucks drive-thru and waited behind a woman who requested “four pumps of vanilla, two pumps of peppermint and three pumps of caramel.” I wanted to yell at her she might as well just inject sugar into her body intravenously, but I held back, seeing my own drink came with two pumps of something or other.

I paid the Starbucks man, drove to Winchell’s. I rustled around in my fabulous new purse for the debit card I had just paid with, and it was nowhere to be found. I lose things all the time. All the time. But I had literally had this card in my hand two minutes ago and even I could not be capable of losing something so quickly in such a compact car. That Hunter Parrish wanna-be kid must have never returned it to me. I hadn’t even noticed because I was in such a rush to roll up my window due to the dangerously close bee.

I returned to Starbucks and talked to the manager. I glared at the young man whom I had paid, assuming him to have already texted my credit card number and expiration date to everyone on his contact list. “I’m sorry, we don’t have it,” the manager apologized. You might not, I thought maliciously, but that little punk on the headset certainly does.

I came home and immediately told Steve our checking account was about to be cleaned out at Best Buy and we needed to cancel my card. He calmed me down and called the bank and got my card canceled.

I hope somewhere right now the cops are being called on those teenagers trying to install new stereos into their Datsuns with a canceled purple debit card with a flower on it. I also hope I don’t find this card tomorrow in the depths of my fabulous new purse.

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  1. If the woman was in front of me (and we were inside standing in line) I would have pointed out that you can BUY the syrups at walmart in big jars so you dont have to pay an extra 50 cents per shot at Starbucks. ((I'm currently looking for Pumpkin Syrup for coffee so I dont have to shell out $5 every time i want a pumpkin spice latte)) As for the teen boy it's ok some day he'll be sitting behind bars wondering where it all went wrong and he'll think of you and kick himself….or maybe his cell mate will kick him for you! Lol. I'd email the company and let them know (at least get a few free coupons out of them!) how the manager “handled” the situation. They have cameras in their stores surely they can see where he didnt give it back to you! Thanks for stopping by my blog, your doughnut (sorry i can hear my mom yelling at me for trying to misspell that lol) made me drool!

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