Peleskys visit Omaha

As it stands right now, on my side of our family, there is just one niece. I get to see her at least every December. Two years ago, it was at Chad and Keri’s weddding in North Dakota. It was freezing cold and Saryn cried when I tried to hold her.

Last year, we went home for the holidays, and Saryn was a bit more fun. If, of course, Grandma was around.

This year, Chad and Keri made the drive from Seattle to North Dakota, and then a detour down here to see us for a day. We were so happy to have them.

Saryn is the most delightful version of herself yet. She made me laugh. Tucker was happy to have a friend his size to play with.

She opened presents and played her noisy toys in the car.

Here is the happy (and cold) family. They’ve been spoiled by their mild winters in Seattle. Welcome to the midwest.

Saryn found another friend just her size.

We had a great time – half of the family together again. It’s nice on these years we don’t go home for the holidays to have family come to us. Now if only we could arrange for this to happen more frequently.

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