snow day #2

Day #2 of snow. I awoke quite early to the sound of my neighbor’s snow blower. Again. This guy blows his driveway multiple times daily. I was cursing him until Steve and I went out there to shovel our driveway the old fashioned way. A minute into it, I was thinking of things I could do without next month so that we could get our own snow blower. We are literally the only ones on the block with the old Grip n Flip.

I’m finally adapting to living in the midwest. I buckled down and bought some boots yesterday. No, not my typical heeled boots, but some sensible, warm, waterproof boots that the old man on Home Alone wears. Yikes. I stayed home again. I’m feeling like a cave man, all cooped up in the house like this. I did get a lot of work done though, I had no idea what Steve did all day until he was telling his parents over dinner. Crazy how you can be in the same house as someone and have no idea what is going on with each other.

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