All in a day’s work

Unfortunately, good work ethic doesn’t come standard w/most humans. You have to learn it. And like most good habits, it usually comes at an early age. Mine comes from years as a papergirl.

(that was a sweet video game, by the way).

It wasn’t as easy as it sounds. It required necessary resources to complete the job.

The Huffy I won by saying the most Bible verses paid off. Literally. I made $10 a month on my paper route.

Reliable transportation is a must. And sometimes all four wheels are necessary.

Be dependable. I had to buy an alarm clock with the two bells so I was sure I couldn’t sleep through it.

But also, always have a back up plan. (Thanks, dad)

Collections has always been the worst job. Just answer your door already. I saw you peeking through the curtain.

Look forward to Christmas time when you’ll be rewarded for all your hard work

But always remember, no matter how bad your job sucks, it could be worse. That’s why you have that good work ethic in the first place – to make sure you hang onto what you already have instead of finding out it’s worse somewhere else.

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