it’s a dog’s life

Oh the joys of having a dog. He barks incessantly every time someone walks by. This always seems to happen an hour before I need to be up for the day. He sheds all over everything. Even things that are taller than he is somehow. He hates to go outside in the snow and lets us know that with his winter gifts he leaves us. He always lies on the bed in the exact spot my feet were planning on lying.

Yet he is worth it. When I’m home alone and see a shadow that looks like a body outside the front door, I rest assured that it’s just mounds of snow since Tucker isn’t barking at anything. When I go down into the basement, he follows me after much coaxing, making me less afraid of the hobo who lives down there. When I don’t feel good, he lays on my chest and gives me kisses.

When Matt tries to give me a high-five, he growls at him showing he will protect me from any abuse. He eats what is left of my egg each morning, but not until I give it to him. He’s both annoying and loveable. Just like any relationship, really.

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