dear body

Dear Chin,
You’re not a twin, nor a triplet. Quit trying to clone yourself and multiply all over my neck.
Dear Stretch Marks,
I hate you. I hate that I believed my mom when she said I wouldn’t get you because she didn’t get you. Too bad genetics aren’t as predictable as we’d like to think. Can you leave already? I feel like you’ll be here forever and that’s not a commitment I’m ready for.
Dear Skin,
Pale hasn’t been in style for almost 100 years now, and I know you can’t really believe that fad is going to come back around. I don’t need to look like a leather bag, but a shade darker than translucent would be nice. Now even my veins get sunburns.
Dear Love Handles,
My pants hate you. I know, I know, you hate them too. But I’m siding w/the pants because I shelled out a lot of money for them and you came w/o a receipt. So learn to live w/the pants – they’re not going anywhere, and I’m not trading them for a roomier set, either.
Dear Eyebrows,
You are much too high-maintenance for my taste. That is the reason I rip out all your little follicles w/scalding hot wax. If you weren’t such a pain, maybe I’d take a nicer approach.
Dear Feet and Hands,
Quit your crying. I’m over it. Quit reminding me that you’re not.

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  1. Oh sweet girl- I promise you that one day you'll look back and wish to God that you had the body you have right now. I Don't want to depress you, but today is as good as it gets, for all of us:) very sad but true- And by the way, you look beautiful!

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