booth, pants, movie noises

Today, I took a half day off work, Steve took a full. So he took me out for a lunch/dinner of sorts. It was nearing 3pm, so when we walked up to the hostess stand, there was no one there and we could see that all of the tables were empty. Finally, the bartender came around and said, “would you like a table or a booth?” and my response didn’t make any sense. I said, “a booth if you have it.”

Monday is my birthday, so this is the one time a year when I can get Steve inside the mall with me. I wanted to buy a couple pairs of pants. One thing I never have enough of is pants. So I was trying on some work slacks at Express, when the sales man came and threw two pairs of jeans over the door, suggesting I try on some denim since they were on sale. Here I was, trying my hardest to squeeze into a size six, then falling back into trying on the size eights I brought along “just in case.” I didn’t need jeans, but out of curiosity, I glanced at the size he thought I was. He brought two pairs – a size two and a size four. Thank you sir, that was polite of you. But no sale.

I didn’t buy any pants, but did finally convince Steve to buy a pair of sunglasses. This has been a project of mine for a few years now. So has getting him to the dentist, and I have succeeded at that, so this was next on the list. He has been squinting for years now, and quite frankly, it scares me to be a passenger with him when it’s sunny out. So in the car, I peeled off those annoying “UV protection” stickers and handed the shades to him, insisting he put them on immediately. He looked near the sun with his shades on and said, “I can’t believe I’ve been staring right at this all this time.” Then, he pulled out and nearly ran into someone. He claimed it was so dark now, he couldn’t see anything.

We got home and put on a movie. Well, two, actually. We’re pretty lazy around here on Friday nights. The first one had a character named “Tucker,” so our little mutt Tucker spent the first twenty minutes cocking his head at the TV as if someone was going to jump out of it and hand him a treat or take him outside. He is so self-absorbed.

Next, we put on “Everybody’s Fine.” (As a quick side note here, is this title grammatically correct? Does the apostrophe insinuate “everybodys” is possessive rather than a conjunction? I’ve been out of school too long to know the answer). Don’t watch that movie without an entire box of Kleenex. I cried the entire time. It’s beautiful. It’s the kind of thing I wish I would have written. Anyway, all this to say, Robert De Niro knocks on a door in the movie and Tucker went crazy. He started barking as if to wake the neighbors. He thinks he’s our little protector. Protecting us from door-to-door salesmen, I guess, since robbers wouldn’t knock. I love spending time with my two boys – my tiny little family that keeps me safe and protected.

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  1. Happy late birthday Holly….I loved reading this!!! You are a sweet and beautiful young woman…no need to be a 2 or 3 or 8 ….. you are beautiful just as you are….whatever number that may be!!! — Aunt Carol


  2. I think Everybody's Fine has an apostrophe because it means Everybody is Fine.

    Does that make sense?
    contraction not possessive

    Say a room with 20 people got a Fine for smoking…
    Then the fine would be Everybody's Fine too :o)

    Have you read Eats, Shoots and Leaves?
    It's a fun look at grammar.


  3. donna – oh yeah, it's a contraction, not a conjunction! i hate when the apostrophe can mean either possessive or contraction – i think it should be only one or the other. we need rules or these things get out of hand!

    i have read “eats, shoots and leaves” and enjoyed it immensely. i am also a real English geek (but then again, you've seen my lack of capitalization).


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