AIM messaging, saturn, mom’s bouquet

I have never told you of mine and Steve’s first date. Well, let me. It’s very awkward – as were we. The first time I saw Steve was at Buffalo Wild Wings: my friends and I saw some guys from our college and went and said “hello.” Steve was there, too, which was odd, because he didn’t go to our school. I remember when us girls left, we were talking about which boy was the cutest of that group and they all said Matt Buller. Except me: I said the guy with the curly hair, dirty hat, and crooked smile that didn’t go to our school.

Apparently, he did go to my school. He just never came to chapel, the cafeteria, or anything that would be considered normal social behavior. Apparently, Steve asked around and got my AIM screen name from my friend, Patrick. One night, SPC1980mxpx started chatting with me (I have slightly altered his screen name so you don’t try to chat with him – he’s taken now). And then my dorm phone rang. Steve said he didn’t want to be lame and ask me out over the internet.

He picked me up in his hunter green saturn. I was looking pretty hot in my junior jeans and my rose-colored long-sleeved Old Navy polo w/o buttons. There was a bouquet of flowers on the passenger seat, and when I tried to sit down, he quickly pushed them away and muttered, “those are for my mom.”

He took me to a movie that sucked (I think it was called “Showtime”). I brought a long my trusty water bottle and downed about 64 ounces of liquid. After the movie, Steve took me for a drive around Offutt Air force base. I had never been on a military base before. He pointed a few things out that he probably thought I’d be interested in, but I was just waiting for him to point out “bathroom.” That moment didn’t come.

He dropped me back off at my dorms, and I don’t think I had even finished the word “goodbye” before I dashed for the nearest restroom. A couple days later, Steve IM’d me that I left my flowers in his car. “I thought they were for your mom,” I responded. But we weren’t over, we had many more awkward moments to come. Stay tuned for the day I tell you about our contrived first kiss.

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