Stupid questions

“There are no stupid questions.”
I hate that quote. Because people believe it. It’s erroneous.

I crossed state lines today to attend the closest thing to education I’ve had in the last five years. OK, so crossing state lines doesn’t mean much since I live on a border town, so minus a point for that, but the plus a point that we have the College World Series going on and then plus another point for me driving in a black car without air conditioning. Oh and then plus another point for me being at a casino but not being able to drink or gamble. And add yet another point for the stupid questions I had to listen to.

I was expecting to learn something today. But an unemployment seminar is nothing like a college course. It was a bunch of uneducated HR people asking pointless questions that only related to them. I just wanted them to shut up so the Chief Judge could tell us about what was important. But they didn’t. It was four hours of Q&A and about one hour of useful information.

“We had someone text ‘I quit,’ is that as a resignation letter?”
“Can our policy supersede state law?”
“Should I fire someone who steals from me?”
“A girl failed a drug test for taking Trimspa.” (yeah, I still don’t know how that was a question, either).

Seriously people. Perhaps you’re in the wrong field. Maybe you should go into something simple that doesn’t require adhering to laws or even common sense. I filled out my questionnaire idly while listening to these stupid questions. I wrote, “Judge was great, questions were stupid.” Maybe next time the eight people up front with all the questions can be sequestered into their own room so the rest of us can actually learn something.

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