The Street of Dreams last night was a total disappointment. More like a half a block of semi-finished dreams. The street of dreams used to actually be a street full of houses you could “ooh” and “ah” over. This year, it’s four houses. FOUR! And none of them had all the rooms finished. And so a Pelesky tradition dies.

But another one lives on: my sister, mom and I are going to Salt Lake City on our annual girls’ mini trip. Has anyone ever been there? I’d like to know what we should do, where we should stay.

I’d also like a pair of Joe’s Jeans, new boots in every color, some bright colored coats for fall and a brand new car. But let’s start small with trip suggestions.

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  1. rachel adn i go every year…i heard there were only 4 houses this year, and checked them out online… i decided not to waste my 12 bucks. you would think with half the amount houses they could half the price of a ticket.

    never went to salt lake city. the pioneer woman did on her book tour, she wrote about it then… i did go to utah once to visit a friend at college. utah and i did not agree as well as it does with most people.

  2. We passed through on our way to WA this summer and agian on our way home. I don't know what there is to do, but we stayed at the Hyatt Place and it was Awesome!! They offer a free breakfast that isn't just rehydrated eggs and “bacon.” The room we got had two queen beds and a sitting area with a queen size hide-a-bed. If you all want to stay in the same room this sounds like it would be great!!

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