king-sized pain

I don’t think it’s natural for two humans to share a bed. Or even a room, for that matter. As a kid, I shared a room with my sister. My two brothers shared a room, as well. We would dream of the day we each got our own room. And eventually, it happened: dad hired a contractor to put up a wall and split our toy room/school room into two bedrooms.

We each moved into our own tiny space. The only place in the house you could go for solitude; the only room you had the authority to kick someone out of (and that happened frequently, in my case). It doesn’t make sense that we grow up and finally get our own rooms, just to grow up even more and devolve back to sharing one when we get married.

Steve and I had a queen-sized bed up until last year. Neither of us are any bigger than average (OK, admittedly I’m a tiny bit heavier than average but it’s mostly in my chest), but between us and the dog, it always seemed crammed. I would smack Tucker with my foot and he, in turn, would growl at me. Or I would whap Steve with my arm. It was enough to make me want my own twin-sized bed again. I’m not a great sharer.

Then we got a king-sized bed. Now I have no idea if Steve is in bed with me or not. We could fit two other average-sized people between us. Tucker’s got mad hops being able to jump up onto this monster. Embarrassing to admit, but we bought him those puppy stairs. He is much too prideful to use them though: he’d rather have bad legs in old age than be seen using that prissy contraption.

Steve and I have completely different bedtimes. I like to be on my side of the bed reading at 10:30 so I can fall asleep a couple chapters later. Steve comes up to bed around midnight: a drink in one hand and the remote in the other. This infuriates me. If I’m asleep, I don’t want to be awoken. If I’m reading, I want to read without the blare of the TV. This is why I’m seriously considering getting my own room again. We’ve got extras. And I’m a creature who hates to devolve.

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  1. Hello Holly,
    I'm a new reader, I come from Melinda sue's blog. I'm french, I live in Toulon (in the south of france, between Marseille and Nice) and I love USA. So I just discover your blog and this post mae me smile a lot because … you're right ! I live in a small appartment, with my two children and my husband (I'm 37 years old).
    Since … years now, I use to say to my husband that, if one day, we're lucky enough to have a biggest appartment or just another room, I'LL HAVE MY BEDROOM !!
    I love to read very late in night and Vincent is in bed in the same time as me, but he doesn't suuport light and … the rumor of my book when I turn the pages !! 😉
    Well, I just wanted to tell you that I do agree with your way of seing those things.
    Sorry for my english mistakes.

  2. My husband and I joke that I should buy the house for sale next store because I need my own house for my books 🙂

    That way, I can have my own bedroom, and a library 🙂

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