Baby Fever scare

My friend Melinda had a baby today (and Matt – he’s my friend too. It’s easy to forget about the dads in these situations since they’re off buying root beer floats and don’t get any of the pregnancy attention) . Little Asher was born this afternoon. I’m hoping to go to the hospital tomorrow at lunch see him. This is the most anticipated baby. Even my family members who have only met Melinda a few times are asking me about Melinda and her baby.

For the first time ever, I almost came down with a case of Baby Fever. Almost. Luckily, my body has built up a pretty strong immunity. Now if Toddler Fever were a contagious disease, I’d probably have that. I like them when they can walk and talk and wipe their own ass.

In anticipation of this baby, every time we’re at a store Steve has to drag me away from the baby boy clothes. They’re just so cute. I love the little striped polos and dress shirts and onesies covered in footballs. He rolled his eyes when he saw me approaching the cart with my arsenal of Carter’s and Gerber. I did manage to slip the onesie covered in footballs by him, though.

Tonight on our walk, we saw young boys playing football at the park. They were just so cute in their shoulder pads and helmets. They were past the stage where you can call them “cute,” but this fever scare had symptoms: one of which is calling everything “cute.”

Steve said, “I hope my son likes football.” I told him he will. Any son of his will like football. If for some reason he didn’t, he would at least know enough to fake it. I responded to him about football, but I know the real subject of his statement was “son.” My God, he’s caught the fever.

The only way to stop it once it starts is a quick trip to Wal-mart or Chuck E Cheese’s.

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  1. I wish I was around to see the little guy. I'm you got to see him today. I know what you mean about toddlers, they are fun. Josh and I pretty much ruined Estella & Edmond when I lived in Bellingham because we would get them to say things we thought were funny or whatever, and then they go around telling their teachers about how we drink beer, etc. I have a coworker here who has little kids (2, 5, 9) and they love professional wrestling and the first time I went over to his place the 5 year old (who was 4 at the time) told me to “Suck it!” The 2 year old also does a throat slash gesture a la the Undertaker. Steve would apprecaite this I'm sure.

    Basically, I'm trying to make this comment longer than your post, but I'm sure you'll have a boy some day and he will like football but he will pick against the Dolphins to piss off his dad.

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