Book lovers only

A blog friend of mine introduced me to a fantastic website for book lovers: Shelfari.

You have a profile and you keep a log of books you read and your rating and review of each book. You also can keep track of the books you own and want to own and befriend people with similiar taste to get ideas of what to read next. There is not enough time in this life to read every book you’ve been told about, so you have to pick and choose and not waste time on the ones that suck.

If you befriend me on Shelfari, rest assured you will get an earful if I waste my time on a book that sucks. Nothing pisses me off more than wasting time I could have spent watching tv reading a book. Except maybe losing things.

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  1. Poke around on the site there. They have a really cool widget that you can put in your sidebar here that looks like a bookshelf that shows all your favourite books. It's pretty nifty. I used to have it up on mine but have no idea what happened to it. Need to go hunt it down!

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