Sexiest Man Alive

After yesterday’s post about creeps, did anyone catch Millionaire Matchmaker? Creepiest guy ever. I wasn’t sure if he is a serial killer or a cannibal, but either way, I’m having nightmares tonight.

So onto a lighter topic: People magazine recently released their 2010 Sexiest Man Alive issue. Some of the men were ugly, some of them were OK, and a couple actually were sexy. Since I disagreed with some of the picks, I figured I would chronicle my own (very subjective) Sexiest Men Alive list:

It doesn’t get hotter than Beckham. Period.

Not physically perfect like Beckham, but there’s no denying his sexual magnetism.

John Stamos! (I am the uncast third brother on “Stepbrothers”)

What can I say? I hate to be cliche’ but he’s the All-American guy. Sometimes what is popular is popular for a damn good reason.

Overlooked and underrated. It’s a shame he never made it too far out of the OC.

It’s next to impossible to find a picture of this one without Kardashian. Did people know who he was before? (also, why doesn’t People ever make an athlete their Sexiest Man Alive?)

I have to agree with People’s winner for the year. He’s in peak physical condition. If humans were judged like dogs in shows, Ryan would win the blue ribbon (Beckham would lose out because of the tats – those judges are stuffy traditionals).

I like to round off my lists in even tens, but no one else came to mind. I called in my husband for help and he said, “aren’t you forgetting someone?”

Oh yeah…

4 thoughts on “Sexiest Man Alive

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  1. Good call…including your husband. ;o)

    Oh my word!!! Those guys on Matchmaker last night were BOTH jerks.

    They were both repulsive to look at and when they spoke it got worse.

    But that guy with the strange food! Weird-o

    Only one week has had anyone remotely nice and that was last weeks episode. Both nice and normal.

    What can I say….
    all your guys are handsome….
    ryan reynolds does not appeal to me at all, nor does Jesse. I don't know why.

    Yeah. Why don't athletes make this list?

    And well…I happen to like the English blokes.

  2. Add Shamar Moore to your list……….He's Derek, the hot team member on Criminal Minds…….He's the one who always flirts with the goofy computer specialist and calls her “baby girl”………….WOWZIE! And your “hunk” looks darn cute too!

  3. all i can picture now is stephens armpit hair sneaking out from under his shirt… sick.

    take away john stamos and i can pass on ryan reynolds. i liked brad pitt pre angelina, like when that picture was taken… hott! david beckham… yum. i would add hugh grant (don't know why, but i love him) and colin firth (old and kind of akward, but again… i love him) jude law(duh) i know i must be forgetting someone…

    you forgot your favorite mike tomlin

    donna, i loved that sweet boy on matchmaker last week, and the boy that the girl went out with. such nice boys last week.

  4. Great post Holly! Some of these guys I knew and some I didn't… sign of old age, dang it!;) But I have to say that my biggest smile was to see Stephen- I think he's just as handsome as all those other guys– and his arm pit hair didn't bother me like it did Melinda;)

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