cactus arms

There is something I read over at simply freckles many months ago that I haven’t forgotten: “…I desperately needed to share it, catalog it, and keep it where I can always find it. Here…safe in my collection of pretty lil nothings.”

That is what my blog is. Whether it’s nothing or whether it’s something, anything I want to remember and share is the for my blog. That is the reason I have a blog. Every post does not need to be an original thought. Many times I read something and wish I would have thought of it or wrote it myself.

No one has time to read every inspiring or interesting thing – there are books that many of us would love, but will never read. So I will share the snippets that inspire me here on my blog, in case my readers haven’t had the chance to read it in its context. Those things I desperately need to share and catalog will be here: safe in my collection of pretty little nothings.

* * *

The drive home seemed to take ten minutes. As we descended into the hot desert, I felt a lump in my throat.
“I hate cactus,” I grumbled.

“I like them,” Jedd said. “Know why they grow those big arms?”


He lit a Marlboro.
“When a cactus starts leaning to one side,” he said, “it grows an arm on the other side, to right itself. Then, when it starts tipping that way, it grows an arm on the opposite side. And so on. That’s why you see them with eighteen arms. A cactus is always trying to stand up straight. You’ve got to admire anything that tries that hard to keep its balance.”

* * *

We sat and waited for her crying to subside, as if waiting for a monsoon to pass. Handing her
one Kleenex after another I remembered what Jedd had said about cacti, how they right themselves, how they are always trying to stand up straight. This was what my mother and I were doing, I decided.

If only our arms would quit falling off.

~J.R. Moehringer, The Tender Bar

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