So it’s happened. I’ve been invited to my 10-year high school reunion.

When we were about to graduate high school, some of us thought we’d still be friends. We’re not.

I have considered going. I live half the country away, but it might be fun to see people from my past again. I considered using a day or two of precious PTO for the occasion. I thought of going back to say hello to the other 48 members of our private school graduating class. The private school that prohibited dancing, so as you can imagine, they also prohibited everything else.

Back then, I didn’t mind, because I was still innocent and hadn’t even tried out the secular pleasures the world had to offer. But now, I have. I don’t know that my old friends would enjoy my tales of debauchery. I don’t know if they’ve changed, or if they expect the rest of us to also have clung to our parents’ virtues with fierce resolve.

Because I couldn’t decide on my own, I messaged the one person from high school that I know isn’t a goody-goody.

Me: so I got an invite to our 10-year high school reunion today. What do you say we buy a couple fifths of vodka and go crash it?
Her: umm fucking yes please! haha! that would be hysterical.

That would be hysterical. To us, any way. Everything’s funnier when you loosen up a bit.

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