splitting assets

I need encouragement. I’m taking a stab at writing a book, after talking about it for years and years. Read a page and give me some feedback. Any feedback. I have to start somewhere.

I lifted my downcast eyes and snuck a look at my husband, soon to be ex-husband. He was watching our two lawyers discuss splitting assets with interest. He was dressed in a gray blazer, he sat erect; his eyes danced with amusement.

He looked more alive and vibrant. I wondered if he had a new girl; if this new energy was the result of a new fling. Or, was it that at last being himself, rather than my husband and all that entailed, was responsible for this change in him? Perhaps being through with my endless requests for more affection had freed him.

I tried to imagine his day-to-day, but could picture nothing past his commute. I knew nothing of him anymore. He hadn’t stooped to my level of having juicy date gossip filter through our mutual friends, hoping it would end up in a conversation he was included in.

All of a sudden, I felt as if I was the one being divorced, rather than the initiator. To realize he didn’t need me after all those “I can’t live without you”s caught in my throat and I instinctively reached for the pitcher of water. The clinking of the glass caught Aaron’s attention and he looked at me.

I held his gaze, and he smiled at me. Not a smirk or a sympathy smile, but that grin that would erase everyone else in a room full of people. I gulped down my loneliness, reminding myself to contemplate it later.

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  1. Holly, the writing looks great…I finally commited myself to a page a day and before you know it my book was finished. Of course, working full time again, there is no time for me to blog so I had to give that up. My next novel, photography and painting take up all of my creative time. May I suggest “The Writer's Little Helper” by James V. Smith Jr. and the website CreateSpace on the Web. I published through CreateSpace at no charge…but they get a % of each book sold. It's a user friendly site that will walk you through the process step by step and they even have templates that you can use once you decide the final trim size of your book. Happy Writing. Send me your address to my e-mail and i will send you a signed copy of my book.

  2. The fact that I already have several questions about these characters that I want answered tells me that this is a good excerpt. I was given enough to feel like I was at the table with them…perhaps not the physical setting, but sitting in her “emotional shoes”, so to speak.

    On behalf of decent men everywhere, please do not make this man a philandering jack-ass. Not that you would do that…just a plea!

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