giving thanks

Since every blogger in the world is writing about what they’re thankful for, maybe I should, too. Not because I’m a band wagoner, but because I never really do stop and think of what I’m thankful for. I’m much more likely to bitch about what I’m ungrateful about. But in the spirit of holiday cheer, I’m thankful for:

1. My loving husband. I’ve often heard that I’m lucky I found Stephen because I’m a hard person to love. Screw them; I’m awesome. But I really am lucky I have Stephen. He is my other half. He makes me complete, as cheesy as it is.

2. My family: immediate, in-laws, and extended. Although we’ve got our fair share of crazies, I’m a part of a family who wants to best for each other. We celebrate triumphs and milestones together and encourage one another to become better people. Some succeed, some fail, some don’t even try. But the point is, if you are motivated to do something with your life, you will have plenty of cheerleaders telling you you can do it along the way.

3. Gracie’s parents. I’m grateful every day that they love my daughter as their own, provide for her what I couldn’t, and give her a childhood in a happy, loving, complete family. I’m grateful for their unconditional love without judgment. I wish there were more people like them: more people whose family bonds extended beyond biological connections.

4. Our future son who has been kicking me to remind me he will be arriving soon.

5. Our house that we will become a family in. Our house that is our home.

6. My job that provides me a way to pay the bills and go to the dentist and deliver a baby in a hospital. I bitch about working a lackey job and will always hope to become a writer, but I have to admit that having a regular paycheck I can depend on is nothing to sneeze at.

7. Friends that I can bitch to when I’m feeling ungrateful, who will remind me there are things to be grateful for.

8. Hobbies that make me smile and realize I’ve been frowning.

9. A whole slew of other little joys that arrive in life, and make me realize how lucky I am.

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